Welcome to Unpleasantville


You know, I wasn’t really planning on delving too deeply into the “island of misfit toys” that are the GOP presidential candidates, but their WTF-ery has now made that impossible.

Besides, writing about it may aid in the healing process.

Have I inadvertently landed myself into Bizarro World?

(Queue the latest Rick Santorum  ad Campaign, entitled “Obamaville”):

Granted they must have a top-notch team producing this sleek campaign. The images are evocative,  albeit some bordering on subliminal. And it musta cost a fortune to hire that movie trailers guy for the narration.

But I can’t help but find it humorous that  this vision of our future, this “cautionary tale” , as they put it,  is set in the bleak, desolate future time of…….. 2014.

Um, that’s only two years from now, guys.  Are we really supposed to swallow that this over the top, melodramatic, Orwellian vision of the USA is a mere two years away?  Nothing like a little manipulative fear mongering to get you to vote for the *right* guy. And they pretty much hit on all the hot spots, didn’t they? Let’s see: Iran, impending nuclear war, gas prices, economy, job losses, religion’s demise, medical care, etc, etc…  There was only one thing missing from that montage of fear.

My favorite fiercely ironic moment was when they showed a close-up of a candle being blown out as the narration declares, “freedom of religion under attack.”  I can only cringe at what Rick Santorum’s vision for America must be.

This whole thing just smacks of silly propaganda.


The Church of the Latter-Day Dude

Many of you are familiar, and maybe even diehard fans of the main character of the Big Lebowski known simply as “The Dude”. But did you know there has been a religion created around him?  Welcome to Dudeism!

“Come join the slowest-growing religion in the world – Dudeism. An ancient philosophy that preaches non-preachiness, practices as little as possible, and above all, uh…lost my train of thought there. Anyway, if you’d like to find peace on earth and goodwill, man, we’ll help you get started. Right after a little nap.”

Added bonus: no deity worship requirement.  Finally! A religion I can support.

You can even be ordained as a Dudeist priest for free. Not sure what that entitles you to but it sounds pretty cool.

Here is a quote from their “Take It Easy Manifesto:

“THERE’S A RELIGION for its time and place…It fits right in there, helps us abide through all the strikes and gutters, the ups and downs of the whole durned human comedy. It really ties your life together. And the religion for our time and place is Dudeism.”

Oh, if only all organized religions could be so easygoing…….

A Word About Amber Teething Necklaces….

So, the boy and I were at our local library for the weekly baby storytime that he really enjoys. As we waited for the story to begin, I noticed one of the babies (probably about 6 months old, although I’m notoriously bad at assessing baby ages) had on a necklace.  I just assumed it was  a fashion accessory Mom had chosen for her little boy.

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